For water treatment, absorbing impurities and heavy metals.



Granulation processing Small quantity trial and development

It is possible to granulate various types of balls such as silica, zeolite, tourmaline, germanium, and far-infrared balls at the lowest price in Japan.
It is also possible to process products that have the function of elution of minerals in water in a well-balanced manner. It can be used for various purposes such as products for manufacturing silica water, which has been a hot topic recently.
We have the technology to solve problems such as insufficient strength and deterioration of function when trying to maintain the porous shape.
In granulation processing, it can be manufactured from 0.1 mm. In special processing, spherical processing of about 20 microns or more is possible. It can be adjusted to the size according to the intended use.

Silica balls, etc.

It is possible to granulate various types of balls such as silica, zeolite, tourmaline, germanium, silver ion, and far-infrared balls at the lowest price in Japan.

Activated carbon / carbon

Special technique is required to bake while leaving the black color. In addition, we tend to avoid the risk of affecting other raw materials, but we can handle it.

Strength and function

We have technology that can solve problems such as insufficient strength when trying to maintain a porous shape, and deterioration of function when increasing strength.

Very small size processing

It can be manufactured from 0.1 mm in the granulation process. In special processing, spherical processing of about 20 microns or more is possible. It can be adjusted to the size according to the intended use.

Titanium oxide Balls


Titanium oxide Balls                                 

Next Nobel Prize candidate! ??

We can granulate titanium oxide.

It is a typical photocatalytic substance that absorbs ultraviolet rays and exerts two functions. (1) Strong redox action, (2) Superhydrophilic action As an example of applying these effects, there is also the decomposition of harmful substances using the oxidizing action. Since it is only necessary to irradiate with light, by coating the walls and floor of the operating room of the hospital with titanium oxide, a simple sterilization process that only illuminates a black light (ultraviolet light lamp) becomes possible.
In addition, it has already been applied as an anti-fog processing technology for glass. If the rear-view mirrors of automobiles and road mirrors are coated with titanium oxide, even if water splashes, it will not become water droplets on the surface and will flow down as it is. Therefore, the visibility in rainy weather is greatly improved. In addition, oily stains do not settle at all, and the surface is cleaned by the regular flow of such water due to rain or the like, and has a so-called self-cleaning action.

Quote: Wikipedia [Photocatalyst]

Activated carbon balls (coconut husk, bamboo, coffee)


Activated carbon balls (coconut husk, bamboo, coffee)

Palm gala is common

Activated carbon is mainly composed of carbon and has fine pores on its surface. Various off-flavors, chromaticity components, anionic surfactants, phenols, residual chlorine, etc. are adsorbed and removed from these fine pores. Activated carbon derived from coconut husk is said to have an excellent ability to adsorb pigments. Research results have shown that activated carbon derived from coffee has an excellent ability to adsorb ammonia, but the overall filtration capacity is excellent from that of coconut husk and bamboo, so it has a sharp performance that exerts a powerful effect only in specific places. is.

Maifan stone balls


Maifan stone

"Maifan stone" is a carbonated granodiorite from Kurokawa, Shirakawa-cho, Kamo-gun, Gifu Prefecture.

Maifan stone is a type of granite. If you look at the surface of Maifan stone with an electron microscope, you can see that there are innumerable fine holes. Since the surface area is very large due to the presence of these fine pores, the adsorption action and ion exchange action work strongly. When it acts on water, it works wonderfully and is said to have the effect of adsorbing and removing substances harmful to the human body such as bacteria, chlorine, cadmium, and mercury. Maifan stone contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium, and since these are eluted, the mineral balance in the water is maintained and the water feels delicious. Even if you drink pure water, it doesn't taste good, so it's true that the elution of minerals makes the water delicious.

Zeolite balls



Different uses for natural, artificial and synthetic.

Zeolites have long been known as boiling stones. Zeolite contains water molecules in the form of water of crystallization in the three-dimensional network structure, and when it is dehydrated by heating etc., the place where the water of crystallization was was becomes a cavity as it is, and it becomes a sponge-like structure in this cavity. It has the function of adsorbing gas and ions. It also has a cation exchange effect, and has the ability to retain and release cations such as sodium, potassium, and calcium. Zeolite ceramic is a powder of this zeolite that is baked into a spherical shape. "By utilizing its function, it is widely used in industrial catalysts, adsorbents, builders (detergent aids), desiccants, ion exchangers, wastewater treatment, fertilizers, and feed additives. In recent years, It is also widely used as a remover for gas emitted from automobiles, power plants and factories. "
Source: Japan Zeolite Society

Tourmaline balls



There are 13 types of tourmaline.

When a tourmaline crystal is heated, one end of the crystal becomes positive and the other end becomes negative (static electricity). I think that the adsorption capacity is increasing due to the effect of this static electricity. In addition, the current emitted by tourmaline is a weak current of 0.06mA, which is harmless to the human body. In this way, tourmaline is said to have the effect of activating cells and activating metabolism by generating far-infrared rays (most minerals have a weak far-infrared effect) and generating negative ions. Tourmaline ceramic balls are powdered tourmaline that is baked into a spherical shape.

Apatite balls


Hope of the catalyst world

Celebrities are also used in toothpaste, which is familiar in commercials where teeth are life. The official name is hydroxyapatite, also known as hydroxyapatite (HAP). Originally a natural mineral, it is the name given to the crystalline ash stones of phosphoric acid and calcium. (HAP) is the main component of bones and teeth, 65% of bones and 97% of tooth enamel are made of (HAP), and are made of phosphoric acid and calcium. It is a very stable substance, has high biocompatibility, has a neutral pH, and is highly safe.

Adsorbs proteins and lipids. It is particularly excellent in the adsorptivity of heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, magnesium, and mercury, and is attracting attention as a future material because it can be expected to adsorb arsenic and fluorine, which have become a problem in recent years.

Ag⁺ Silver ion balls


Silver ion

An antibacterial and bactericidal honor student that is sometimes used in place of chlorine in Europe

Efficacy without explanation. The effect has been confirmed by various experiments by universities and research institutes. Since silver ions are usually in a positively charged Ag + state, they act by combining with negatively charged bacteria. In addition, by binding silver ions to microorganisms, you can expect antibacterial effects that suppress growth.
Is it the only neck that is expensive because silver is a precious metal? Still, we are proud of the lowest price. * Colors are black, white, etc.

Action on influenza virus, O-157, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Vibrio parahaemolyticus, Legionella, Vibrio, and fungi (athlete's foot, etc.). Inactivation of allergen substances such as pollen. * This is the effect of silver ions, which is generally said.

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